Jemseg Baptist Programs & Services

Local Programs & Services

Sunday Morning Worship

We meet at the church every Sunday morning at 11 AM.  This is a time to meet & mingle.  In our services we strive for:

Encouragement through Biblical Teaching

​We believe that God’s word is just as true and relevant today as it was when it was written.  Its words hold power, life & the final authority in all issues of life.  We trust that the Spirit will move through the weekly teaching which is founded on God’s  word.​

 Authentic Worship

We are a church that anticipates with excited hearts all that the Spirit of God desires to do in our midst through our time in worship.  We pray God’s life-changing power and revelation will pour down amongst us as we lift our hearts in worship to Him.  We also believe God speaks through His people.  If a prophetic word is given to one of His children for the community, we encourage it to be brought forward as the Spirit leads.

Online Programs & Services

With people in Jemseg Baptist church hailing from an Italian background, in the cause of creating opportunities for our Italian relatives to explore and understand the Biblical message, we have a free service of Italian language Bible articles here.